Managing your finances can be confusing. Find out what the numbers really mean with simple and free financial calculators.

Interest Calculator

  • Use the interest calculator to determine the cost of a loan or value of savings over time.
  • Adjust the calculator for your compounding period (aka how often interest is added) so you can see interest accrued on interest.

Credit Card Payment Calculator

  • Use the credit card payment calculator to determine how much to pay on a credit card.
  • Learn about how long it will take to pay off a certain balance and how much interest will be accrued.
  • Add multiple cards at once

Loan Amortization Calculator

  • Learn how much you would have to pay monthly for a fixed term loan, as well as how much interest would accumulate
  • Learn how certain fixed payments would affect the length of a loan
  • Download an extensive amortization schedule

And more coming soon…

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